Tuesday, 12 February 2013

All Souls Day

Black vestments
pierced with silver thread:
a sombre testimony
of better times.

Mourners gather in feeble hope,
round Mother Church’s altar;
clutching with faithful hands
the offered straw.

A promise of absolution,
cleansing and healing.
A promise of resurrection
and life anew.
A promise of death’s abolition
and life’s resolution.

The healing flames of purgation
bring a strangely purifying pain.
They offer an end to years
of spasming self-preservation.

Those who would save their life
must set their life aside;
must forget themselves
and drain the bloody tide.
All are welcome to drink this cup.
All are worthy of this blessing.
All are one in this endeavour.

Pray for your dead.
Pray for your beloved,
for those you cordially disliked,
for those you coolly ignored,
for those you coldly feared,
for those you copiously hated.
Pray for all your dead.

In this you will find grace.
In this you will find your peace.
In this you will find salvation.
In this you will find release.

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