Sunday, 21 September 2014

Necessary Evil

Why doesn’t God nip all evil in the bud, so as to eradicate suffering?

Our business is to learn that death is sin’s most necessary recompense;
and so to choose what’s right, not wrong, without a hint of diffidence.
This we can only do if every choice has its sure consequence.
There must be moral hazard, founded on unswerving law;
or else between wisdom and folly there would be no difference,
there would be no divide between what’s reckless and prudence.
If on jumping from a precipice I did not fall to stony floor,
always being rescued by an angel’s hand; presumption hyperbolic
(that’s filled with risk and self-despond) would be remade as merry frolic!
– which would, after not long, become most tedious, and nothing more.

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